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Learning outdoors together
Outdoor & Woodland Learning Scotland is dedicated to increasing the use of Scotland's outdoor environments for learning for young people both formally through schools and informally.

Learning outdoors creates a context which encourages children and young people to make connections with the world and their learning indoors.
Scotland’s outdoors encompasses village, town and cityscapes through to stunning natural environments. Using these places for learning, especially those on the doorstep, engages children, young people and others in learning actively and linking this experience to other learning in their lives.
Outdoor and Woodland Learning can take many forms and take place in any outdoor environment. OWL Scotland recognises the special context for learning afforded by woodlands but supports learning across all outdoor environments.

The core values of Curriculum for Excellence echo the key concepts of outdoor learning: challenge, enjoyment, relevance, depth, development of the whole person and an adventurous approach to learning.