Finding a Forest School

The number of Forest School programmes operating throughout Scotland continues to grow across many of the 32 local authority areas, and in both rural and urban settings.

Increasingly Forest School programmes are being delivered in schools,in recognition of the benefits to individual pupils and to deliver the Curriculum for Excellence through Outdoor Learning. Forest School programmes are delivered during the school day by teaching or school support staff, trained and qualified as Forest School leaders and assistants. Programmes can also be supported by suitably trained and qualified independent Forest School practitioners. Other Forest School or Forest School 'style' programmes may be run at the weekend for family/ community groups, or as after school or holiday clubs by independent providers and practitioners. Settings that support Early Years children may offer a Forest Kindergarten programme or similar.

Information for parents and carers

If you are a parent or carer interested in Forest School, see Your Child and Forest School - Information for Parents and Carers(May 2012). This guidance note provides information about the background and practice of Forest School in Scotland and benefits to the child, and how parents and carers can get involved.

Forest School Scotland Database

OWL Scotland maintains a growing Forest School Scotland database of practitioners/ trainers or those undergoing Forest School training across Scotland, in order to support the network and track the development of Forest School in Scotland. A Forest School Scotland map is available, updated at intervals, which shows the locations of qualified Forest School practitioners, and also those still in training, across Scotland’s 32 local authority areas. The location data is derived from the Forest School Scotland database.

If you would like to be included on this database, or seek information on Forest School programmes in your area, please contact the OWL Scotland Manager.